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never tame

never tame 双语例句

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1. Time however, and the Satisfaction I had, that I was in no Danger of being discover'd by these People, began to wear off my Uneasiness about them; and I began to live just in the same compos'd Manner as before; only with this Difference, that I used more Caution, and kept my Eyes more about me than I did before, least I should happen to be seen by any of them; and particularly, I was more cautious of firing my Gun, least any of them being on the Island, should happen to hear of it; and it was therefore a very good Providence to me, that I had furnish'd my self with a tame Breed of Goats, that I needed not hunt any more about the Woods, or shoot at them; and if I did catch any of them after this, it was by Traps, and Snares, as I had done before; so that for two Years after this, I believe I never fir'd my Gun once off, though I never went out without it; and which was more, as I had sav'd three Pistols out of the Ship, I always carry'd them out with me, or at least two of them, sticking them in my Goat-skin Belt; also I furbish'd up one of the great Cutlashes, that I had out of the Ship, and made me a Belt to put it on also; so that I was now a most formidable Fellow to look at, when I went abroad, if you add to the former Description of my self, the Particular of two Pistols, and a great broad Sword, hanging at my Side in a Belt, but without a Scabbard.

2. never tame的解释

2. If days were always just the same, Out-of-doors would be so tame --Never a wild and windy day, Never a stormy sky of gray.

3. never tame的反义词

3. Ever in motion, Blithesome and cheery, Still climbing heavenward, Never aweary; (5) Glad of all weathers, Still seeming best, Upward of downward Motion thy rest; (6) Full of a nature Nothing can tame, Changed every moment Ever the same.

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4. Do not doubt that; before Emilia here I give thee warrant of thy place: assure thee, If I do vow a friendship, I'll perform it To the last article: my lord shall never rest; I'll watch him tame and talk him out of patience; His bed shall seem a school, his board a shrift; I'll intermingle every thing he does With Cassio's suit: therefore be merry, Cassio; For thy solicitor shall rather die Than give thy cause away.

5. The sunlight gives just about the right warmth, never too warm; the wind's breath is tame, more so because it is blown through those flowery mountain forests, it brings a distant fragrance, together with a slice of damp vapour air, caresses your face, softly engirds your waist, merely taking a simple breath is already an immense delight; the air is always so clear, no smoke of dwellings in any nearby valleys, not a shred of cloud in the faraway mountains, the totality of this beautiful sight is like a picture unfolding before your eyes, for you to enjoy and appreciate at leisure.

6. never tame的解释

6. I had, as is observed in the third year of my being here, kept a young kid, and bred her up tame, and I was in hope of getting a he-goat, but I could not by any means bring it to pass, until my kid grew an old goat; and I could never find in my heart to kill her, till she died at last of mere age.

7. I had, as is observ'd in the third Year of my being here, kept a young Kid, and bred her up tame, and I was in hope of getting a He-Goat, but I could not by any Means bring it to pass, 'till my Kid grew an old Goat; and I could never find in my Heart to kill her, till she dy'd at last of meer Age.

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8. The deer never became tame; they would run away if you approached them.

9. If you choose your numbers at random, however, success is never guaranteed, and tame mathematicians tell me that the average time to strike lucky is also longer perhaps 100, 000 years or so.

10. never tame的意思

10. I never wished you any sort of harm; but you wanted me to tame you...

11. In a fantasy land of fearsome beasts, he is allowed to tame and conquer the way he would never be allowed to do at home, eventually becoming their honored king after a battle of wills.

12. never tame

12. The real estate industry is special industry, which is involved with particular land and capital-intensive assets, and its inherent risk determines that it has never been a " tame " tool.

13. Ever in motion, blithesome an cheery, still climbing heavenward, never aweary: clad of all weathers, still seeming best, upward or downward motion thy rest; full of a nature nothing can tame, changed every moment, ever the same; ceaseless aspiring, ceaseless content, darkness or sunshine thy element; glorious fountain!

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