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a balloon是什么意思 a balloon在线翻译 a balloon什么意思 a balloon的意思 a balloon的翻译 a balloon的解释 a balloon的发音 a balloon的同义词

a balloon

a balloon 双语例句

1. It could have also been John Finley Scott, who was the first mountain biker in the US In 1953 he constructed what he called a'Woodsie Bike', using a diamond frame, balloon tires, flat handle bars, and cantilever brakes.
    这可能也被约翰芬利斯科特,谁是第一个山地自行车在美国的1953年,他建造他所说的' Woodsie车',用金刚石框架,气球轮胎,平板处理酒吧和悬臂式刹车。

2. MethodThe patients with suspected small intestinal diseases in our hospital from Sep 2005 to Dec 2008 were performed double-balloon enteroscopy. Their data were analyzed. ResultsTotal 98 patients (64 male, 34 female) were studied, with a mean age of 55.7 years.
    回顾性分析我院2005年9 月~2008 年12月疑有小肠疾病的患者的资料,对经常规上、下消化道内镜检查均无异常发现的患者行DBE检查,并对其临床相关资料进行分析。

3. It is a robot/balloon/kite.

4. I have a doll/ball/kite/balloon.

5. People often mistake some man-made objects such as a kite or a balloon for a UFO.

6. a balloon是什么意思

6. People often mistake some man-made objects such as a kite or a balloon for UFOs.

7. For example: some books, some toys, car, plane, ball, balloon, kite, boat, doll……In china, we also have a very important festival, that is the Spring Festival.

8. a balloon

8. Miya Epoch Electric fishing reels, great for teaser balloon kite, trolling … View All Electric Fishing Reels I would like to thank you for making a great product.

9. But given a choice between Edwards, Woods, singer Chris Brown, Balloon Boy's parents, David Letterman, Jon and Kate Gosselin, or New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez as the public figure who was most disappointing in 2009, Edwards took a solid one-third of the vote with 33% for cheating on his wife while she is being treated for incurable cancer.

10. Larry fulfilled his dream, and set a record for a gas-filled balloon flight.

11. The 2 Montgolfier brothers, Joseph and Etienne, first began experimenting with paper vessels elevated by heated air, and after a couple years of experimentation they developed a hot air balloon similar in design to the ones used today, but with one major difference — they were powered by burning straw, manure and other material in an attached fire pit instead of propane.

12. Do not you wish to make a flight in a hot air balloon.

13. First I inserted a tube with a balloon on one end into the airway of an anesthetized beagle and attempted to expel it by compressing the lungs.

14. a balloon什么意思

14. First I inserted a tube with a balloon on one end into the airway of an anesthetized beagle and attempted to expel it by compressing the lungs. Pressing on the chest was not effective.

15. Her face collapsed as if it were a pricked balloon.

16. My heart fills up like a balloon that`s about to burst.

17. Have you ever been up in a balloon?

18. a balloon的翻译

18. This bag is full of fallen leaves, but it is as light as a balloon.

19. His constant thought was how to get himself a balloon and go up into the air with his little wife, but as yet they had no means.

20. a balloon什么意思

20. A balloon was manufactured andplaced at the disposal of Forster, who was to be accompanied by five otherpersons.

a balloon 单语例句

1. A cyclist who witnessed the crash told Radio New Zealand that the balloon was in flames as it descended.

2. The impact caused a leak in the balloon's gas cylinder, which started burning.

3. The aeronaut said the Strait has never been crossed before by a hot air balloon with a human pilot.

4. While some Chinese can convert it into motivation, others just lose their endurance like a punctured balloon.

5. A piloted hot air balloon has never flown across the Taiwan Straits, he said.

6. Tian used air released from a balloon he inflated to push the car forward.

7. His target was a helium balloon, which moved from its original position because of the wind.

8. Her dress even appeared to balloon out markedly below a very high waist band.

9. This undated image provided by the Bradley family shows Bobby Bradley and his father Troy Bradley in a hot air balloon.

10. Children can walk on water by getting in a large transparent air balloon.

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