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MATS to 双语例句

1. And Zhu Xi, compared with straw mats, rattan seats of a longer life, can use 15 to 20 years, but the longer the time to sleep better, feel more smooth.

2. The following traditional shoemaking methods, for the upper Tinggua to help in a layer of bamboo mats often have to shell this way, the upper though beautiful, but wear extremely uncomfortable.

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3. Parents need to use slip-resistant mats in and outside of bathtubs to prevent slips and falls, he said.

4. In order to offer theoretical gist for the management of Larvae of Lithocolletis ringoniella Mats, this study made clear the space-time dynamic of Larvae of Lithocolletis ringoniella Mats.

5. To be erected outside the tea factory near the high 2.5 m wide and 4 meters of drying green frame, frame above the level of thick bamboo compiled the top gate, capped with mats spread leaves, leaf spread thickness 2.5~3 cm, wilt the process of turning mixed with 1~2 times, so wilt evenly.
    要茶厂附近向场外搭起高2.5米,宽4米的晒青架,架上面用厚竹片编成水平的顶栅,上铺竹席摊叶,摊叶厚度 2.5~3厘米,萎凋过程中翻拌1~2次,使萎凋均匀。

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6. We want to buy Modular and Broadloom Carpets, Rugs, Mats and Durries

7. Leaf fibers of the raffia palm tree; used to make baskets and mats etc..

8. High jumpers can land on soft mats instead of in a sand pit allowing new techniques to be developed like the Fosbury Flop.

9. He did this by training the leggy birds to land on mats on the ground.

10. And the counter plate material is easy to form mats, soft materials in the combat information Gasket reduce the kinetic energy of materials, materials as a broken make its efficiency lower.

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12. He could feel the seams in the mats, and that gave him a clue as to his location.

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13. Are they still using rough-wrought mats to store grain in depot?

14. MATS to的反义词

14. As a precautionary measure, place foot mats at external doorways, thus preventing the tracking in of dirt, and furniture pads under the feet of furniture in order to prevent scuffing and scratching.

15. Puppies love to chew the valve, and cats like to sharpen their claws on these mats.

16. Shanghai company mainly engaged in anti-slip mat factory floor mats, PVC anti-slip mats, bathroom mats, bathroom mats bathroom, swimming pools, non-slip mat, changing rooms, clean non-slip floor mats, industrial acid oil skid pad, factory anti - fatigue mats, industrial mats grille, large hotel kitchen floor mats, anti-load-bearing floor mats, garage floor mats | garage floor mats, rubber mats | rubber mats | Natural rubber | Insulated Rubber Mat | Rubber safety matting | nitrile rubber, PVC exercise mats | PVC sports floor mats, gym mats, sports stadiums safe anti-slip mat, 3M Long-US mats, wire enclosure pad, advertising LOGO mats, trademarks, floor mats | Trademarks pad, logo mats, road signs pad, DDK triple mats, DDK combination mats products such as floor mats, floor mats are widely used in hotels, guest houses, mats, airports mats, office mats, entrance mats Subway highway toilet mats, factory console and floor mats provided to meet the specific needs of the specific floor mats products.

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17. Anticipate all possibilities and trajectories, and move mats to your expected landing zone.

18. From the rafters to the thatched roof hung strings and strings of dried onions and garlic, and about the middle room and in the old man`s room and in their own room were mats made of reeds and twisted into the shapes of great jars and these were filled full of wheat and rice.

19. Currently using the latest technology to print on floor mats, doormat, advertising bag, gift bag, pillow, headrest, sportswear, swimwear and so on.

20. MATS to的意思

20. As can the clay drain sealing mats cut to size.

MATS to 单语例句

1. He described a typical clinic as simple and crude, with mats for sickbeds and facilities for patients to cook their own meals.

2. He bought home red and green pigments from foreign countries and taught his fellow villagers to dye the woven mats red or green.

3. Its uses now range from a cooling skin tonic to a cleanser for summer bamboo mats to a deodorant air purifier.

4. Morello said he used car mats to stay warm and even read a car manual from cover to cover to pass time.

5. The people stood up to greet the runners but few bothered to collect their newspaper floor mats.

6. He was invited to train in Japan for two weeks before coming to Athens, and said he was shocked to find that judo mats have springs in them.

7. Pu recalled that in the past, her mother made straw mats in her spare time to make money for the trip.

8. The automaker said unhooked floor mats or replacement mats stacked on top of the originals could lead to stuck accelerators.

9. She returned in the final rotation to complete all the four exercises on uneven bars but again hobbled off the mats.

10. He said he saw two thin mattresses, straw mats covered in blood and a wheelchair that apparently was used to transport captives.

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