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英语单词 双语例句

1. 这是一款专门背英语单词的软件。它的特点如下:1,随时随地背诵单词2,非ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址直观和易用的操作模式3,单词
    It is the best application to recite English words for Chinese people.

2. 我已经掌握了2000多个英语单词
    I have mastered more than 2000 English words.

3. 911查询·英语单词大全

3. 你最喜欢的英语单词是ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址一个?
    What is your favorite word in English?

4. 英语单词的反义词

4. 第四章是对现ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址的小学英语类教育游戏软件进行了内容分析,并提出了小学英语类教育游戏软件的分类以及小学英语类教育游戏软件教育游戏软件应用于小学英语教学的两种应用方式,在此基础上,设计了教育游戏软件应用于小学英语单词教学的方案。
    Chapter Three is the report about the survey. In Chapter Four, an intervention of teaching practice is designed.

5. 在教学试验ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址,本研究结合了教育游戏软件在小学英语单词教学ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址的两种应用方式,通过三轮行动研究,总结了教育游戏软件在小学英语单词教学ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址的使用建议。
    This thesis consists of six chapters.

6. 小学英语;单词教读;教读策略
    Key words: primary English; teaching reading words; teach reading strategies

7. 英语单词的解释

7. 本文从小学生的心理和年龄特征出发,以认知主义学习理论为依据,通过调查研究探究小学英语单词教学的方法,以期对师范生和小学英语教师建构课堂单词教读知识ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址统、掌握小学英语单词教读技巧、创造具ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址创新理念的教学具ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址一定的指导作用。
    Based on cognitive learning theory and the features of pupil`s psychology and age, this article explores methods of repeating words through the investigation, hoping to help student teachers and primary English teachers build up the knowledge system on how to get pupils repeat English words, expecting them to grasp some skills of vocabulary teaching as well as creating innovative English classroom.

8. 英语教学不应该局ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址于单词和句子,还应该上升到句子之外的话语分析。
    So English teaching cannot be restricted to the teaching of vocabulary and sentence but foster the students` ability to analyze discourse beyond sentence level.

9. 如汉语ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址的四字ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址语就不是对应四个英语单词
    If the word is not corresponding four English words.

10. 请在下面的字谜游戏ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址,找出与斯诺克ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址关的英语单词来。
    Try to find the words associated with snooker in the puzzle below.

11. 英语单词的翻译

11. 俄语和英语对我来说ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址是外语,所以在表达上面ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址一些混淆是自然的,比如说我心里也知道用英语怎么说,可是先冒出来的总是俄语单词,但我自己还是很清楚的。
      Both English and Russian are not my mother language, so sometimes I will make a little mistake or confusion about them. For example, sometimes I do know how to express it in English, but what I said is in Russian, while I still do not realize it.

12. 一些单词专ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址估计英语ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址可能ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址一百万个单词,比法语、俄语和德语单词的总和还要多得多。
      Some word experts estimate that there may be as many as a million words in the English language. That`s far more than French, Russian, and German put together.

13. 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词
      It is impossible for me to memorize so many english words in a day.

14. 911查询·英语单词

14. 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词
      It is impossible for me to remember so many english words in one day.

15. 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词
      How could I remember so many words in one day.

16. 英语单词

16. 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词
      How can I keep such a lot of words in mind in one day.

17. 我的脑子一天之内怎么能记得住这么多的英语单词
      How can I remember so many words in one day!

18. 今天买了一大堆笔记本,看着吓人。。。其实是为记录点平时的英语单词\词ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址来的,不晓得能不能坚持,能不能派上用场。。
      I bought many notebookes for write dnow some words and phrases when meet some unknow email and looks a little large, and hope can use it and insist it on work day.

19. danci.911cha.com

19. 我已经记住新的英语单词了。
      I have learned the new English words by heart.

20. 英语单词是什么意思

20. 最后,我们必须背大量的英语单词来提高我们的英语ub8优游管理后台用户注册地址绩。
      At last, we must recite a lot of English words to improve our English grades.

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